Elon Musk Sets Up New Plans For Twitter While Keeping Its Paid Verification On Hold

Musk has mentioned to the world that he’s on the verge of launching his Twitter files that would focus on how much free speech is suppressed by this social media app.

The Twitter Chief says it’s high time the world knew the reality of the matter and what really took place. Moreover, he failed to outline any specifics about it and is yet to mention what sort of suppression he’s talking about. But it’s definitely something that has some people wondering what it could possibly be.

Twitter has been busy removing accounts and taking down information requests and now, this seems to be a new strategy employed to make others realize that what you see is not always what you get and every story has a background to it.

The new tweet that was published on Monday comes after a massive tirade aimed against Apple which mentioned that it would be pausing advertising on the app, despite being one of the platform’s biggest advertisers for this year.

He even directly hit back at Apple by asking if they were against his free speech mission as that is what it currently looks like. For that, he opted to strike the firm’s CEO and asked for an explanation.

The huge string of tweets is a clear indication of Twitter’s war with Apple and Musk thinks that free speech can’t be lost in the US as that would mean tyranny lies ahead. For a while now, the Tesla CEO has been promoting free speech and that’s despite experts trying to question his moves.

In other news for the world of Twitter, Elon Musk has been seen delaying the app’s paid verification and there is a very good reason behind that. You will not find it as in-app purchases for the iOS device because the company wants to dodge an expensive bullet which is Apple getting its 30% cut for sales made through the app store.

When the blue subscription plan was first released, we saw it coming forward on the iOS app but now that Apple is not keen on being an advertiser for Twitter, Musk does not feel the need to pay its due share. He wants to do everything and anything that would avoid taking this route for Apple’s fees.

Signups for this project have been paused for a while now, thanks to a series of impersonators arising on the platform. Therefore, a relaunch has been planned for Tuesday with verification through phone numbers and also a one-cent rise in price from $7.99 to $8. Other than that, the blue subscription might not be getting a whole lot of changes anytime soon.

But over a month’s time, we saw Elon Musk go full throttle with his tweets that are aimed against Apple. He has since then been calling out the platform’s store cut and a 30% internet tax that was not fair and was not needed.

For now, Apple is yet to publicly acknowledge tweets fired by Elon Musk. But there is news about outsiders speculating that huge firing sprees and little to no accountability for content moderation could be a major reason.

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