Apple’s New Accessibility Video Highlights Innovative Features For Those With Disabilities

Apple has recently launched a new accessibility video that puts some innovative aspects in focus.

For instance, the video is highlighting a number of different offerings for people with disabilities. The leading iPhone maker says that the goal is to make such people feel and function in a more independent manner where they rely less on others.

The video was set against the soundtrack called, ‘I am the greatest’ and it’s by the Spinifex Gum. Moreover, the clip shows a woman informing Siri more about her morning routine. All of a sudden, the curtains open and Siri can be witnessed providing weather reports.

On that note, the woman is witnessed sitting up and showcasing that she’s got no arms. After that, the following clip has her making use of her feet in a great manner to apply makeup and assist her in driving while opening her iPhone, using the delicate Assistive Touch feature.

After that, another great example is where the blind musician can be seen setting out a range of audio descriptions that identify things alongside dressing rooms while detecting where stage doors are present. And that’s where he makes an entrance and begins that performance.

Then, you’ve got a man that’s quadriplegic and making use of his own voice to instruct his smartphone device to take images of himself. On that note, he makes use of gestures that include sticking out his tongue and even raising eyebrows to edit those pictures.

Then there are some descriptive examples showing how a child is utilizing an iPhone for reading texts while a deaf mom gets alerts about her baby crying thanks to her Apple smartwatch.

It can be said without a doubt that this fast-paced and upbeat ad is packing a mighty punch and there are plenty of demonstrations that put one thing in the limelight- disabilities can’t hold anyone back when you’ve got great technology to avail.

The message is about enabling as many people as possible to lead lives that are not dependent on anyone else. And that’s really being made possible thanks to Apple’s accessibility and HomeKit.

Apple was previously seen admitting that it has really been one great year for its accessibility and the world of technology. And that’s certainly true for those needing voice enhancements. For a while now, Apple has really paved the way by taking in the feedback of disabled users and bringing out projects that can really impact their lives positively.

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