Apple CEO Admits iPhone Devices Make Use Of Sony Camera Sensors

In what is being dubbed as an absolutely rare finding about iPhone hardware, Apple’s CEO is making a confirmation that not a lot of people saw coming.

Tim Cook took out the time to release a tweet that spoke about the leading iPhone maker using image sensors from Sony in iPhones. This was mentioned while being a part of a supplier tour to Japan.

Cook added that it’s not something new and Apple has been partnering up with Sony for more than 10 years to produce the best camera sensors from around the world for its iPhones. Similarly, he thanked the brand and its CEO for taking the time to show him around the facility that handles manufacturing.

An image was similarly released showcasing his own brand’s smart device which many found to be a little funny. This is definitely one unique tweet as Apple prefers to remain hush on such matters regarding the specifics of where the hardware of the iPhone comes from. So confirming news like this, right off the bat, is definitely a unique ordeal.

On a usual basis, the website for Apple just goes on detailing the specs for the leading iPhone camera. From aperture to resolution and field of view too- they’ve really got it nailed down. But with time, it makes one realize that such matters don’t really matter as we’re dealing with the day and age of computational imagery.

With that being said, so many reports from the past have gone on detailing more about industry aspects leading toward Apple’s reliance on brands like Sony. In the past, a report from the Wall Street Journal even went on to claim that the iPhone 6 smartphone has two sensors hailing from Sony. And even before that, others have claimed the real specifics of model numbers.

In case you did not know, Sony is considered to be a leader in the market of image sensors. It commands a 44% market share for image sensors as per statistics from the previous year. On the other hand, we’ve got the likes of Samsung being the second largest holder for market share in this respect.

But with a visit like this involving the Apple CEO, it’s quite evident that the partnership between both of these firms won’t be dwindling away anytime soon. In fact, we feel such moves solidify the bond and offer hints about more such projects in the near future.

Sony mentioned how it is working on a brand new image sensor that makes use of semiconductor technology to attain the best light out there and limit overexposure and underexposure.

This is expected to make its way to Apple iPhones’ next batch of smart devices so we’ll have to stay tuned for that. At the same time, the leading tech giant hopes to strike a deal with some more smartphone manufacturers other than Apple. For that, we just need to keep our eyes open and we’ll surely be doing that here.

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