Google Executives Outline The Reputational Risks Of Providing Wrong Information Through AI-Technology

Google is really working hard to compete with the growing trend entailing the adoption of AI technology. Therefore, it’s not in a race to go too quickly as executives warn against the effects of doing so.

Employees are really witnessing a lot of buzz around ChatGPT, powered by Microsoft. This is the name reserved for AI chatbots that went public toward the end of last month. And it didn’t take time for it to transform into a sensation on Twitter.

A lot of people ended up wondering about Google entering the race because it does like to label itself as the pioneer of AI technology. In case you didn’t know, it’s behind the LaMDA which is the name for Language Model for Dialogue Applications.

During a recently held meeting, so many workers at the search engine giant’s head office couldn’t help but express concerns about the leading edge provided with AI thanks to the incremental rise in popularity for chatbots in today’s day and age from others.

The fact that Google was taking a back seat while others were busy leading the industry was definitely a concern expressed. But executives don’t think so. They don’t look at it as a chance of Google missing out on anything.

In fact, the firm’s CEO was quick to elaborate on how Google couldn’t move too fast in this regard. It had a huge responsibility on its shoulders and the risks linked to setting out the wrong information would really cost the firm in the long run.

The firm’s CEO similarly highlighted how the costs of winning the race would bring numerous losses as a lot could go wrong. So many users blindly trust Google in terms of providing answers to searches conducted on a daily basis.

There are billions of users from all around the world that use the search engine while AI-driven chatbots like ChatGPT only recently passed the one million user mark at the start of this month.

Similarly, executives highlighted how AI models are great but they have certain issues that can’t be overlooked. And while language models are definitely taking over the market share around the globe, it’s not as simple as it appears.

Google is embarking on a slow and steady pace and is taking calculated risks that wouldn’t disrupt its entry point in the market on the web.

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