Apple Expands Its Emergency SOS Satellite Safety Services To iPhone Owners Across Europe

Apple has opted to conduct an expansion of its leading SOS satellite safety services for different iPhone 14 owners out there.

The feature used to previously be available only to users in the US and Canada. Now, it’s planning to expand it further to other nations in Europe including the likes of Ireland, the UK, France, and Germany. So all owners of the iPhone 14 device can surely benefit from it.

This particular service enables users to tap into the intriguing world of satellite connectivity in situations when cellular mobile networks aren’t available or when there is no Wi-Fi present.

It’s really good for those who wish to contact in situations when there has been a sudden emergency and iPhone 14 users can even go as far as sharing locations through satellite with both their loved ones and friends through another app called Find My app. Just make sure your iPhone 14 runs on iOS 16.1 or a version that’s above that so an Emergency SOS could work.

With this sudden rollout, people in the newer regions of Europe can simply dial local emergency services to be routed through automated means to 112 which is the number for emergencies so it’s routed to 112.

Apple mentioned how the Emergency SOS through satellite has been available free of cost for users for nearly two years from now. The only catch is people have the iPhone 14 model by their side so they can benefit.

Apple is yet to mention how much it would cost now but this wide release comes at a time when there was an incident involving a stranding man that was easily rescued through such a feature from this Emergency SOS satellite option for contacting those for help.

If you are an iPhone 14 owner, please activate the feature by simply long-pressing the power and volume keys at the same time or simply pressing the power button at least five times. Apple would then be serving up a few queries to assist in routing calls or texts sent to appropriate individuals.

And if you are not in some sort of emergency and wish to actually test out this new offering then Apple has a separate demo mode for you that’s been rolled out. Simply hop on over to your settings menu to benefit from it.

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