3 Simple Ways Specialty Sites Generate High Conversion Rates

Specialty sites generate some of the highest conversion rates, more so than other key industries, and there are three simple ways they achieve this. They focus on a very niche audience, retain loyal customers for repeat business, and thanks to their uniqueness, specialty sites can target audiences with effective marketing strategies. All of these actions contribute to more visitors, and therefore, more conversions!

But, what does a specialty site even mean? And how can you determine a good conversion rate from a bad one? We’ll answer these key questions throughout this article, but, most importantly, we’ll examine in depth the three tactics specialty sites deploy to generate impressive conversion rates.

What Is a Specialty Site?

Let’s start off with the basics. You might be wondering what a specialty site is, but it’s all in the name. Essentially, a specialty site specializes in selling niche or unique products. For example, reusable beeswax wrap, or subscription boxes for dogs. Whatever it is, customers come to these sites to find goods that can’t be bought elsewhere.

Customers tend to search for these stores themselves, instead of stumbling across them randomly, which is why specialty sites excel at converting visitors into buyers. The audience is engaged and interested already – the job of specialty sites is to simply convince them to click “buy”.

What Is a Good Conversion Rate?

Conversions are the aim of every business – at least, they should be! Your business succeeds by enticing visitors to your website, and guiding them towards the desired action, such as purchasing a product.

So, how do you know if you’re achieving a good conversion rate or not? For online stores, the average US conversion rate falls a little under 3%, so your business should aim for around or above this figure.

Of course, any conversion is a success, whether that’s one person or a hundred people, but the end goal is all about increasing your visitors and subsequent conversions to a successful rate… and maintaining it. These two measurements – the number of visitors and the number of conversions – are closely intertwined to work out a website’s conversion rate.

If you find your website falling below the average rate, consider how you’re currently connecting with your audience. Can the relationship be improved? For example, could you test new marketing methods or optimize your checkout?

On the flip side, if you have a high conversion rate already, all signs point to a successful website and online brand image – your pages, design, products, and communications, are all working effectively. Keep it up!

How Do Specialty Sites Generate High Conversion Rates?

Website Builder Expert examined five key industries, including fashion and sports, and specialty sites came out on top with the highest global conversion rate of 7.6%! Pretty impressive when you compare it with the US average of 2.86%, but what sets specialty sites apart from the rest of the web?

To put it simply, customers are at the heart of the ecommerce experience, and specialty sites work at building and maintaining a strong bond with their devoted niche audience.

Let’s take a look at the three simple ways specialty sites achieve such an incredible conversion rate:

#1. Target a Niche Audience

If you’re just getting started and want to know how to sell online, one of the first crucial steps for any business is to identify your target audience. For specialty sites, this couldn’t be more important. Who is your business trying to reach? Who will appreciate your product? What customer pain point or need does your business provide a solution for?

Specialty sites are trying to connect with a very niche crowd, so it isn’t too tricky for them to identify their customer base. This is a key way in which specialty sites see a high conversion rate – your marketing, design choices, and business aims can all focus on these unique customers.

By understanding their desired audience, specialty sites can react and respond to any potential needs and pain points effectively.

#2. Rely on Returning Customers

Another way in which specialty sites generate high conversion rates, and know which customers to target, is largely thanks to return traffic. The conversion rate on returning visitors is a staggering 8.8% – even higher than the first-time average we mentioned before.

Once customers find a specialty site, they know where to look in the future if they need to make a similar purchase. After a satisfying shopping experience, it’s easy for them to become loyal customers.

For such a niche business, building these relationships is key since holding on to repeat customers will keep those conversion rates at a high level. You don’t want to break the bond and lose customers in an already niche audience.

A reliable way to invite visitors back to your website is to use feedback forms, surveys, email marketing, and online engagement through reviews and social media. Customers return to brands that care about and interact with the consumer, which is where a custom marketing strategy helps.

#3. Create a Tailored Marketing Strategy

So, how does a specialty site target a niche audience and keep them returning? A tailored marketing strategy allows these stores to open a direct line of communication with new and existing customers.

As we’ve already mentioned, to find a specialty site, customers are generally already interested enough to start the search themselves. However, securing and maintaining a high conversion rate is all about finding new customers to convert!

Specialty sites use marketing strategies to really tap into their niche. Not only does it help them build brand authority and awareness in the market space, but it’s a great channel for businesses to really connect with customers. Speak to desires and frustrations, or share new product information – as long as you engage with your niche audience appropriately, more traffic and conversions will follow.


For any online store, securing a high visitor count and stable conversion rate is essential if you want to be successful. And specialty sites seem to knock it out of the park! To recap, there are three simple ways in which specialty sites generate consistently high conversion rates: they target a niche audience, they rely on returning customers, and they keep new and existing customers engaged with a tailored marketing strategy.

Customers of specialty sites are already committed and interested in the product – they simply need to be converted, and these three methods go a long way in helping a specialty site land the sale.
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