5 Most Important Question Your Website Must Answer

5 Most Important Question Your Website Must Answer

With the emerging trend and technology, customer have access to the billions of web pages which has increased awareness to recognize which website is worthy for their valuable time. According to statics, within 8 to 20 seconds of the visit, visitors will decide whether to stay or leave the particular web page.

They need everything on the spot, for instance once they contact on contact us page of a website, they must perceive, a simple contact form or direct contact details (like Phone No. & email Id), or a exact solution to the specific problem. Now the question you should analyze is “Will Your Visitors Find Precise Solution On Your Website?”

It is wondering to say that, you have never consider whether visitors are arriving at your site, which page they land on, and how long usually they live on it. Unless you solve these simple question which leads to the enormous growth in online business, your website will not likely to grow.

Here are few of most important questions that your website needs to answer in 30 seconds.

What is this? And what does it do?

A simple idea comes to visitors mind when they visit a website is, what is this? And for which they perceive a clear cut answer, what the website is about and what does it offers. Think a while, does your website solves this simple query at first instant? If Not consider these three aspects

Logo: The type or style of logo you designed for your website also speaks what your business is all about; ensure that it speaks true value of your business.

Content: The second thing which communicates your website is content. The content should be one ring loud and clear so that organized information draws close attention to the viewer’s eyes.

Home page: Your home page is the first impression of your business; it should be striking in design, impressive in content and professional in logo. It should be the inspiration towards your whole website.

Who is it for?

The next thing, visitors want to get assured is, whether the website they land is truly into the business they need. In different terms, who the target persons for this website are?

It is wise idea to give clear cut view about service or product your website is offering to help prospective audience stay on your website.

For instance: If you are the recruitment company – express it in clear way, it could be by adding the nice title, occupation description nearby company logo or on the first banner of the page. The same rule applies to every business irrespective of what purpose your website serves.

How does it work?

Once you assured visitors that your brand is specifically for them, the next thing you can do smartly is to let them know, how does your service / products works for them.

Answering this question is quite interesting and challenging task, which differs from product industry to service industry.

Make the work process visible to the visitor once they open your website, but you should also consider not overcrowding your homepage with too many things. You can show the work process using nicely described images/ short content or you can just give one button on the home page itself which will take visitors to the how it works page where they will know clearly how your services work for them.

Check Example: Odesk.

How much does it cost?

Well! Now you have persuaded visitors how your product or service works and is beneficial for them, the next thing they probably want to know is how much does it actually costs.

(If your business nature does not allow discussing pricing question, just leave out this step)

If you are offering free service, make it clear and visible in one ring to attract visitors. However, if you would like to portray pricing in detail, you can give a button on the home page which takes visitors to the pricing package page e.g: fotolia, where they can assure to take service or not.

What stand you apart?

The web is full of websites stuff, where you must take time to convince visitors why they should trust on or what makes you stand out of the web crowd. The key to notify visitors that you are better than others is, describing them that you care what they think.

Set the impressive tone through your site’s design, style, fonts, content, icons, images and most importantly your portfolio page.

What should you do next?

Now that you are perfect to convince visitors, they probably ready to get started with you. Just be caution that you have influenced them up to 70%, still 30% is in your hand to improve their positive experience on you, don’t make them confuse by offering something or other thing or by calling them over and over. Make sure that your call to action is professional, clear and meet their expectation.

Bonus infographic for visual learners:

5 Questions a Winning Website Must Answer

5 Questions a Winning Website Must Answer - infographic

You might interested in knowing Things that your visitors are expecting from your website.

Use these questions as the short list or first point to impress your visitors within 20 seconds of their visit. Let me know, if I have missed anything, I would like to add it in my article.

About author: Tabassum is the digital marketer and professional blogger in high authoritative sites who is now working at ULTIMEZ - The Web Design Company Bangalore. She has the keen interest in writing web tips and tools, blogging and analyzing the digital behavior of businesses.
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