WhatsApp Launches New Communities Feature And More Support For In-Chat Polls And 32-Person Video Calls

It may have been a long time coming with multiple tests being scheduled but WhatsApp is finally rolling out its much anticipated Communities feature around the world.

This offering will enable so many groups to unite under one source so that group chats become more organized on the app. But that’s not the only exciting feature to look forward to.

In addition to this offering, the platform has some more exciting updates worth a mention. There will be better support provided for polls conducted in chat and then video calls comprising 32 people. And in addition to that, groups with nearly 1024 members would also be included.

The news was published when CEO Mark Zuckerberg went public with the new launch through his recent video on the app. It highlighted how the WhatsApp Community would provide admins with everything they required to set out conversations in one place on a new tab.

So as you can see, the whole idea is to combine different groups together so conversations are kept more organized and private while users continue to stay connected.

As far as the new tab is concerned, well, it’s going to pop up at the topmost area of a chat across Android and if you’ve got iOS, then expect to see it near the bottom. There will be a lot of different options to assist admins in terms of starting a new community and creating the right groups.

In such communities, users will have options like switching from one group to another with ease while admins can get the chance to put out important updates with various groups in one location.

In addition, the Meta CEO spoke about how new in-development offerings were up for grabs and getting rolled out with this new update of the platform. This update is bringing up new forms of support for different video calls and with around 32 participants up for grabs. This was previously mentioned when the CEO launched the Call Links feature at the start of this year.

More support for 1024 member groups is going to be launched soon with this new update as will the opportunity for users to make in-chat polls.

These new offerings will come just a few days after the platform launched Avatar support on its beta channel. This would enable users to make and utilize custom avatars across their profiles.

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