TikTok Raises Alarm For European Users About Their Data Being Accessed By Different Nations

Leading social media app TikTok is sounding alarm bells for users in Europe regarding how different nations such as China are gaining access to data that’s exposed. The famous app that’s owned by China went on to confirm this after a new update was included in the platform’s privacy policy.

Meanwhile, the head of privacy of the leading platform in Europe did issue a statement on the matter. Elaine Fox explained how there was a huge need to get the job done and it was subject to some of the most robust means for security control.

Moreover, approval protocols and the way things were being recognized via the GDPR would enable a few employees in the corporate sector in nations like China, Japan, Brazil, Singapore, South Korea, and Malaysia. This is where people could easily access the data of users on the app, she added.

The news is definitely controversial and so many regulators located globally have raised concerns in the past about TikTok’s Chinese parent firm Bytedance sharing sensitive details with the government. Moreover, the company has kept lawmakers assured time and time again how important of a factor it considers user data security and privacy to be. But as you can imagine, so many regulators have their stance on the matter and since then, they’re critically analyzing the app’s every move.

TikTok’s new and updated privacy policy is located in various countries like the UK, Switzerland, and the European Economic Area. It will reportedly go live on December 2.

Meanwhile, just last week, we saw one top official hailing from the FCC write in detail about how the platform needed to be banned in places like the US. He added that there was no place out there in today’s universe where you could provide assurance that it won’t end up in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

Remember, a lot of American lawmakers including former US President Donald Trump have raised concerns about Bytedance sharing data belonging to American users with databases in China. While the app rejected the allegations, TikTok is definitely on the US radar.

The app is today’s most successful and fastest-growing venture. Moreover, it’s been downloaded more than 4 billion times, ever since it was first launched in 2017, and has managed to make revenue worth $6 billion through in-app spending as confirmed by data from Sensor Data.

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