People prefer smartwatch over smartband: Will it shrink smartband business?

The world is gradually shifting its wheel for smartband wrist accessories, and the main reason behind the decline is the pandemic. The smartband companies have faced huge losses during the pandemic because people prefer health over everything. Smartwatches do just that for all people. Alongside it has many other advanced features that we cannot get a hold of in smart bands.

A Counterpoint Research study reported that since 2021, the smartband industry has seen a massive loss of consumers as they are more interested in buying smartwatches these days. The decline will follow in upcoming years as well. Although many people used to prefer Smartband to keep a track of their movements and other stuff as it provides a long battery, plus it is budget-friendly. But since the outbreak of coronavirus, people are more worried about their health and like to keep a track of heart pressure and rhythms.

Both wrist watches have almost the same look and features. They both can track health and fitness measurements. The thing that makes them apart is the advanced feature installed in smartwatches. Smartband mainly works on a real-time operating system. Whereas the smartwatch has a more advanced version of the same feature that can track health and fitness in a much better way than the Smartband system. They have installed an OS that helps keep track of health measures such as blood pressure, heartbeat, and ECGs. Other than that, smartwatches enable its user to download their fav music, games, and even weather conditions.

Furthermore, the cost of wristwatches is yet another distinction. Smartband has seen an 89% vast decline in shipment orders, whereas smartwatches only bear 38%. The business of smartwatches is rapidly growing as an Indian company OEM has seen a massive economic boost during the pandemic. People who still prefer Smartband are also getting lured by these advanced features into buying smartwatches.

Many major companies now shift their focus to creating more smartwatches. Brands like Xiaomi, and Fitbit are more focused on releasing new smartwatches while the Smartband business will shrink gradually. Be that as it may, since the clients of Garmin band, which has a higher ASP, have high brand dedication and restricted other options, it might figure out how to keep a steady piece while finding it challenging to stay away from a shipment decline.

A major shift occurred during Covid-19, and now people are buying smartwatches for a better experience. Although Smartband installed some new features to make few buyers stick to the old ways. They have installed SpO2 and body temperature measurements which will give accurate results. The wristband market is expanding rapidly, and in the coming years, our smartwatches will undergo additional modifications.

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