New Study Says Twitter Users Are Not Happy With Musk In Charge And Many Are Abandoning The App

So Elon Musk is Twitter’s new owner and CEO. The billionaire purchased the firm last week in a dramatic series of events that saw top executives getting fired on the spot.

The change was inevitable and Musk really brought about a new side to himself as the company lead that many had not seen. His decision-making was a little too swift for many people’s liking and today, he claims that the bird has been freed. But little does he know that it’s coming with a huge cost that he may not have anticipated.

A new report is providing insights into how people are not happy with the world’s richest man in charge and are even going as far as abandoning the platform.

You might assume that people threatening to leave the Twitter app is just not something new and many refuse to follow through with that same decision. Nevertheless, this new study is now showing how the matter is getting serious and so many users are really abandoning this platform and it’s for good.

Alarming figures from Bot Sentinel which is the program that tracks fake behavior on the Twitter app is now analyzing around 3 million accounts that carry out daily activity on the platform. They believe that nearly 870,000 accounts had undergone the process of deactivation and more than 500,000 had been suspended by the app in the same period that Elon Musk took over. And in case you’re wondering, it’s more than double the usual figure.

The founder of Bot Sentinel mentioned how they’ve seen a massive uprise in individuals deactivating accounts and also those who suspended it after the takeover by Elon Musk. The calculations were done after taking into consideration the total percentage of the platform’s user base. It’s now standing at 237 million in terms of those using the app on a daily basis. So in this Twitter acquisition period, around 11,000 accounts underwent deactivation, and that in turn means people intentionally chose to shut the account down.

Twitter also suspended accounts in this period if it felt that they were dormant for too long or not showing any frequent activity. So there was a 208% rise in terms of losses of accounts during the days when purchases were going through.

Twitter’s staggering data is proof that such rises in deactivation occur due to people being super upset with Musk buying Twitter and then opting to deactivate the account as a protest for that.

Some experts feel this massive surge in account suspensions may occur partly because of hate speech which is completely under Elon Musk’s control right now. A lot of it is also due to Twitter intentionally acting against accounts that purposefully go against the app’s policies after it claimed that it would like to promote free speech.

So as you can tell, this is definitely a concerning matter for Twitter. This is definitely a new and uprising challenge that the app really needs to think about well as it begins making amendments and it might come at a cost of losing out on so many active members. Well, is it worth it? Only time can tell but Elon Musk and the entire Twitter think tank do have a lot on their plate right now.

In the long run, if users do end up leaving the app in such a massive number, it’s going to surely turn into a mega issue for the app.


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