WhatsApp Beta For Android and Are Here And The New Features Look Amazing

WhatsApp has rolled out new updates in its beta for Android versions and The WhatsApp beta for Android version has a new feature called Search for Polls. This feature is added to a feature that Mark Zuckerberg announced two days ago. Even though the addition of 32 people video calling in WhatsApp communities and polls hasn’t reached globally yet, it’s still being appreciated by many. Now, this new beta version will let users search for WhatsApp polls too. If you have already received the update about polls, you can just go into the search bar and search for different WhatsApp polls that you are added to. The feature is slowly rolling out and only some of the beta users were able to use it. Anyone who downloads WhatsApp from the Play Store for the first time can also enjoy the feature.

The new feature in beta for WhatsApp version is the camera feature. Even though there is a camera feature in the app, WhatsApp has added a separate in-app camera icon that will be able to take pictures and videos. The users will be able to switch from photo to video with just a swipe when the camera is on. Previously in the camera mode, the users had to hold on to the button to record the video. Now, it’s easier for them because the video will be recorded on its own. This feature is only released to beta users right now but it is slowly rolling out to new users. If this update isn’t available to you, you just have to wait a little bit until it has reached you. You may have to wait longer but in the end, this new update will be worth it. WhatsApp is working on many other updates too. They will also be available to you in no time.

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