The Battle For Twitter To Remain Obedient Of The GDPR In The EU Continues

Twitter may be doing a lot in terms of changing its policies and introducing new features but we can’t help but mention how it’s now facing a lot of scrutiny in terms of the GDPR.

For those who might not be aware, this governing body rules in the EU, and apps need to be compliant if they wish to function freely in the countries found in this region.

But new reports are now shedding like on how the Twitter app is not meeting the criteria that were originally set out for it to function in Ireland under the GDPR as confirmed by TechCrunch.

In case you were wondering, so many tech firms have customers present in Europe and they make use of OSS or one-stop shops that enable them to streamline the admin. It’s like taking part in an exclusive engagement with so many leading supervisors in the EU. But the fact that Twitter has broken some of those rules which enable it to use OSS is definitely alarming.

Other than mass firings taking center stage and affecting the app’s 50% headcount, so many different firms have workers that simply walk out like top information security officers.

Meanwhile, we have to note how the Data Protection Commission in Ireland mentioned that it would be scrutinizing the firm so it could discuss some massive changes to the app’s privacy directives, right after it introduced Musk as the firm’s CEO. This took place two weeks back.

In case a decision is made against Twitter then we might be seeing the app bid farewell to operations in Ireland as it wouldn’t be allowed to do so anymore. And that would in turn lead to so many other EU nations picking up the pace and turning into a more aggressive power in terms of investigating the app’s functions in their region.

Other news reports claim that Twitter’s own products were now bypassing the fixed set of review procedures that would be a typical procedure when the previous management was in function.

As it is, Twitter is having a hard time with its own controversial Blue subscriptions. These and their verification have been put on hold but should be back into operations as early as this week’s end, the app confirmed. But until then, we’ve got to wait for the final verdict to be out as the GDPR investigation continues.

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