Google Is Experimenting With A Privacy-Friendly Approach Called Sandbox That Kills Cookies

Google’s ad business places heavy reliance on the likes of cookies from third parties. And with that comes a lot of issues along the way.

This might be one of the main reasons why the tech giant is on a mission to enhance security while making such cookies can no longer track your performance on the web. This means they won’t be able to see which websites a user visits and what it clicked on.

The search engine giant says that the answer was a more privacy-focused solution that is dubbed Privacy Sandbox. The whole goal is to get rid of all third-party cookies seen on the platform by the year 2024.

As you can imagine, with a goal as big as that, it makes sense why the new approach is being forced to enter into beta by Google. This is just a trial and testing phase and Google knows that. But it is making sure a rollout for beta begins soon for selected Android 13 users.

The news comes as a preview from one developer showed how the feature is allowing for the replacement of third-party cookies in stricter environments. For now, the preview is still there and would be set out to reach better and bigger updates that are needed for the test’s rollout.

Putting the preview feature to the side, the new offering would force interested developers to come forward and register themselves for the beta. Next up, an identity verification process will ensue that ends up making things better as more personal details are provided to the API.

If you wish to enroll, you can do so by visiting Android Developers' website. Moreover, the company is also now allowing for enrollment into the program that’s specifically set out for early testers.

To provide greater support, this Privacy Sandbox can function well when a developer puts up an app compilation that targets Android 13 and in the future, they’ll get extensions so these work more smoothly.

The new venture is definitely exciting and we see great potential. While the launch did seem that it would occur by this year’s end, Google continued to push back its date.

It now has a major 2024 release date that is getting targeted so the goal right now is to put the final touches and send it out for beta to eliminate third-party cookies on the Google platform.

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