Getting bothered by group notifications? New updates of WhatsApp for Android will resolve this soon

WhatsApp is a messaging platform used for communication globally. WhatsApp has introduced different updates to make the app more convenient for the users and now WhatsApp is reportedly introducing their new update WhatsApp beta that allows users to mute group notifications automatically, as per WBI.

If you are not engaged in a chat and getting the updates from the group continuously at some point it becomes frustrating for a user. Although WhatsApp has its own system of muting messages, but it is limited to some extent period such as one week or eight weeks respectively and it is not a spontaneous or automatic feature yet. Recently WhatsApp declared the number of participants in group chat to 1024 members, after the members of the team started working to introduce a function that will ease the group chat after 25 days.

WhatsApp has introduced this new feature which relatively mute new messages of a group automatically when the group reaches more than two hundred participants in it and referred it as auto mute large group chats. It will lower the large number of new messages and updates in a group. WhatsApp had already shared a screen shot related to this feature in web tone article.

Moreover, this is an android application People can install the latest version of beta from play store. This is obviously a compatible update the beta users can also get this version if they already had previous versions installed like and For an instance this is available for android users and is different for IOS and mac windows.

Baller and technical MJ had helped in testing and reporting the new update as some users were not getting this upgraded version in their phones. WhatsApp clarifies if you are not getting the update or if it is not rolling up in large groups just wait for any further information or any update from WhatsApp.

The aim of this feature was to reduce the noise in group chats when it reaches the certain limit of participants and make it as an ease for users. Being crowded with the notification cannot help the person to concentrate on important things and an individual get irritated easily. To avoid the bulk of messages and notifications this function is being introduced among the users.

This feature will help the engaged users to turn down the number of new messages from groups and be at ease while using this platform as a source of communication all around the world.

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