Twitter’s Workforce And Advertisers Warned Elon Musk Against His ‘Failed’ Verification Scheme

Elon Musk has been making a series of decisions that are not proving to be in Twitter’s favor. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this a matter of pure chaos. And with so much going on, we have to discuss the matter related to Twitter offering a mega $8 Blue subscription with verification. Unfortunately, it was a complete and absolute disaster for obvious reasons.

On Thursday, we saw Elon Musk put an end to the new subscription and the verified badge located on users' accounts. There was just a lot of abuse of the offering with people impersonating public figures, leading celebs, and big brands. Users were left feeling confused as they couldn’t understand what was going on and which statements were to be believed and which were not.

As a result, brands claim to have lost out on millions as shares dropped with false and misleading information taking center stage. Musk had to intervene and really take matters into his own hand before it was too late. It was absolute mayhem as so many hoaxes arose from various accounts on the app.

Furthermore, we saw advertisers pull out by the masses and it didn’t take an expert to make you understand that things need to be done quickly before the world of Twitter collapsed completely.

Musk also announced through a tweet that even parody-based accounts needed to get their act together as if they didn’t follow the policies like others, there would be a major fallout. The launch of the new Blue Subscriptions with added Verifications took place on November 9th.

This is where the firm’s trust and safety team set out a major seven-page long list of recommendations that were designed to help prevent any major mishaps that could potentially occur with the new Twitter Blue plan. And it’s actually quite shocking to witness how certain things that were predicted to occur, actually did.

The first recommendation set out had to do with bad actors trying to achieve gains by enhancing amplification. They even labeled this to be a huge threat and had it placed in the top risk category.

Despite the app mentioning in bold terms that it would penalize those strictly for going against Twitter’s rules, the results are in front of us. Not a lot could be done in this regard and we saw Twitter crumble with its Blue plan rollout.

At just $8, we saw so many scams arise and we saw high-profile users get their verification privileges scrapped too. Then there was this huge risk of impersonation that came to life and it was hard to tell who was who. Twitter had much less time to act and that’s because it could mean that some of the app’s most high-profile users could end up leaving the platform for good.

So with so many warnings generated ahead of time from both advertisers and the app’s own workforce, it makes sense as to why there is such a major outcry in this regard. If Twitter knew there were so many red flags, to begin with, why move ahead with the plan?

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