The World’s Biggest Ad Firm Warns Against Investing In Twitter And Dubs It ‘High Risk’

Twitter might be in some major trouble after the world’s leading advertising firm warned against investing in the app.

According to GroupM, not only is investing in the company a bad decision, but it also calls Twitter to be a high-risk company. And for an app that is relying mostly on revenue generation through ads, this might really turn into a huge problem in the end.

The company is outlined to be Twitter's biggest spender and it’s reportedly informing clients that purchasing ads is high-risk as revealed by several media outlets. But the news is certainly not new for obvious reasons. We are hearing for the third time from a leading advertising corporation against making investments in Twitter. Moreover, we saw the company halt advertisements on the app too with all the dramatic events taking place.

GroupM is a leading firm that has associations with some of the biggest organizations out there today. This includes the likes of Nestle, Google, Unilever, Bayer, and L’Oreal. And these are just a few of the many common names we hear in the world out there today.

GroupM mentioned how there are several warning signs about Elon Musk’s takeover of the app. The red flags included the likes of leading Twitter executives getting fired including those in charge of main divisions like security and compliance. Next, the peak in the wave of impersonations has also begun by those classified as ‘verified’ by the application. It also makes one person wonder more about the FTC’s orders on the matter.

GroupM does also add a little optimism to its statements. It says that in order to lose this high-risk label, a company like Twitter has to do a few things for its own betterment and for the betterment of its users.

This entails going back to the NSFW levels, installing new IT Security, Trust, and Privacy executives, and also adding several internal checks. There is bound to be more transparency with such plans and it can affect a user’s safety like changes to various community guidelines and also to several moderation policies. There is a commitment to different types of content moderation and it would move ahead with the chance to put out more of the platform’s rules.

There are zero surprises in this ordeal and we can’t even begin to imagine what could be the next step for advertisers in this world as it’s carefully crafted as sublimely offensive. Remember, we’re dealing with so much hate speech, conspiracy, and whatnot occurring. No brand wants to be the center of such behavior that ends up ruining its reputation in more ways than one.

GroupM is yet to set out a response to comments on the matter by media outlets.

Elon Musk did mention at the start of his acquisition how he wishes to pull Twitter away from heavy reliance on things like advertising revenue. Hence, this is the reason why he opted to come up with a new Blue Subscription but now that the latter is suspended, Twitter is really losing out on millions each day.

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