Elon Musk Reportedly Fires Engineer For ‘Correcting Him’ On The Twitter Platform

Elon Musk in charge of the leading digital platform Twitter has literally caused a mega shakeup that not a lot of people saw coming.

There was an entire firing spree, followed by departures and resignations occurring left and right. But now, we’re hearing about something more unique and that involves a personal grudge that the Twitter CEO may have taken out on one of his engineers.

But the thought of personal issues mixing with professional ones is definitely alarming because this recent incident involving the billionaire firing his own engineer has never occurred. The latter reportedly tried to correct Musk in public on the Twitter platform and he didn’t like that one bit. Therefore, the end result was Eric Frohnhoefer getting fired.

The entire fiasco began on Sunday and that’s when we witnessed Elon Musk issuing an apology to users of the platform because of how slow it was functioning in various parts of the globe. Moreover, he shed light on how this specific poor outcome had to do with a remote procedure to load home timelines.

On Sunday, users began getting messages on how the app was busy trying to reach out to other servers and that’s why it took so long for a response to be generated for every request.

But the engineer had doubts about the explanation provided by Musk and he expressed his thoughts on the matter which the CEO saw as not only insulting but extremely out of line. After all, who dares to argue with a boss like that in public and have the audacity to say he’s wrong?

And while past incidents have proven that Musk has done the same, this one was awfully appalling because this was the first time he was getting corrected or being dubbed as wrong in public.

Frohnhoefer says Twitter has gone about making zero procedure calls for remote working and instead, the platform intends to make about 20 background requests as a whole. A very furious Musk began to justify his initial claims and added that the engineer had no idea about what he was talking about and how there were microservices involved too that went up to 1,200.

The chat between Musk and the engineer went on and on for hours and as you can expect, it was spread across several threads. But in the end, Musk had enough and he felt it was time to let the engineer know that the door was open for his exit from the company.

Musk has not been shy about the ordeal. He did confront how the response he got from one of his own employees should have never been done in that manner. According to him, the discussion should have been sought in private and not on Twitter’s public thread.

For now, there are no further comments from Frohnhoefer’s side about getting approached by, the Twitter HR team or providing any input on the tweet. But a recent interview with Forbes shed light on how he had been immediately locked out of the firm’s computer after the public spat, way before he received a formal letter about being fired from Twitter.

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