Twitter Will Soon Relaunch Its $8 Blue Subscription With Verification Using Blue, Gray, And Gold Ticks

Elon Musk has announced that he is all set to relaunch his previously failed $8 Blue Subscription plan.

The billionaire says that December 2 is the date that users should expect to see a new vision for the verification endeavor that has specific color-coded ticks that represent different entities on the platform.

The news was published today via a Tweet by the billionaire during the early hours of this morning. This is where he mentioned in detail how the relaunch is set up for the upcoming Friday and although it’s tentative, he’s hoping things go according to plan and no changes are required.

Another important announcement made by Musk himself is a possible change of the name from Twitter Blue to just verified. And we feel that makes absolute sense. Remember, now, there will be three different colors representing three different entities so it makes sense why the term Blue would be obliterated.

For now, Musk is staying rather hush on the subject and he says that a longer explanation would soon be coming out by next week. As far as the color coding is concerned, well, golden checks would represent companies, gray checks would represent government entities, and individuals would attain the whole blue checks.

As Musk says, all humans would end up getting the same blue ticks but those who are public officials would have tiny logos allocated to showcase their organization, portraying its verification status.

So as you can tell, the regular Twitter user would now be ending up with the same Blue subscription that’s worth $8 and for the rest, it’s not that simple. They’re going to end up with a little more complicated ordeal.

For now, there is no confirmation on how manual authentication would end up working out, especially when there are millions of people that wish to sign up to attain that verification tick as early as next week.

So as you can tell, Twitter has a lot going on and next week is crucial. We’ve already seen more news about how banned accounts could be given an amnesty. And what is left for this process of modification is going to attain a real taste of what Elon Musk meant by using terms like extremely hardcore. So until then, let’s wait and watch.

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