Google Maps seems to be testing its new sidebar navigation

Google is undoubtedly one of the most innovative tech companies and is known for its useful solutions and its efficient services for users. One of the efficient product that the tech giant offers is Google Maps which is playing an important role in terms of navigation and is known for its simple user interface (UI) and accuracy.

One of the infamous search specialists named Punit has tweeted on Nov 18 2022, containing the testing footage of the new sidebar navigation system that is taking place on the left side of the maps interface.

Moreover this navigation system is going to be facilitating its users with pin icon, explore tab which will be used to get personalized suggestions based on the places you visit frequently as well as posts from businesses or people that you follow, saved places to keep all your saved locations at one place, contribute option to contribute content with Google maps in exchange of the points which will be used to get local guideline benefits later on if the content you are trying to share gets published and last but not least a more option which will be displaying several more useful options including location sharing, your timeline, your data in maps and the last feature on the list is sharing and printing of the desired map pattern.

Google never tends to disappoint when it comes to innovation. But the testing of this specific feature is yet to be done by public users as the implementation of this specific feature is not done by the Google Developers in real time yet, seems like this feature is still under testing and could take time to arrive on the platform. But many people seem to be in love with the new sidebar navigation system even before its real time implementation.

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