New Report Confirms 140K People Bought The $8 Twitter Blue Subscription In Just 5 Days

The controversy surrounding the Twitter Blue subscription is one that is known to all.

It was an absolute disaster of a plan to add the verification tick to this Blue account on the app as many began to impersonate leading brands and public figures. All in all, there was chaos and Twitter really had a tough time dealing with the ordeal.

But a new report by The New York Times is now shedding light on some very interesting points. They’re highlighting the matter related to how so many people began taking on board this feature by the masses. Think along the lines of 140,000 Twitter Blue subscriptions sold in just a five-day period. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that it’s a lot.

Travis Brown who is a known software developer located in Berlin mentioned how there were more than 137,000 accounts that had taken on board the decision to go Blue using the computer program.

This particular program downloaded so much data and it entailed an entire list of users’ followers, screen times, and even the exact date joined by them on the app with appropriate verification status.

Brown noted how such a Twitter Blue Subscriber entailed nearly 560 followers but then, there were those having nearly one million and more. These included one news site in Arabic and a few other Adult stars too.

Then some subscribers included the likes of Kyle Rittenhouse and Catturd2.

Moreover, Brown’s data went about showing plenty of thousands of subscribers that had to do with 5000 far-right accounts on the Twitter app. This was flagged to be pushing forward some extremist ideas while a few even got called out for adding conspiracy theories.

For now, Twitter and Travis Brown are yet to generate any responses to queries thrown at them for comments regarding data related to normal hours for working.

This past month has been a moment of absolute chaos for the app because we saw the likes of the $8 feature for a subscription get launched when the CEO fired more than 50% of the workforce and that entailed 8,000 employees.

After its rollout, so many trolls started to abuse this blue tick, and then they began impersonating leading high profiles too such as former leaders, celebrities, and famous brands.

Then so many advertisers started to back out because there was little potential for actually staying with the platform. It was a risk and they weren’t willing to take it.

So Musk took the difficult decision to withdraw the offer of getting the Blue subscription with verification at such a low price. This was temporary but it had to be done as things really got out of hand so quickly. Musk says this Blue relaunch is currently on hold until the app may resolve impersonation matters thanks to high confidence.

Hence, we’ll just need to wait and watch for his next step for now.

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