UK Expands Its Online Safety Bill By Providing Further Protection To Victims Of Revenge Porn

The United Kingdom is setting forward an expansion of its online safety bill so that victims of revenge porn get more protection.

The country’s ministry for justice explained today that some changes would be coming forward that are aimed at giving people protection from those wishing to ruin their reputation on purpose. Now, those who choose to engage in such behavior would be sent to jail as it’s a criminal offense to put up such explicit content without taking any form of consent.

So many deepfakes and abuses are also included in this law as is the taking and sharing of explicit images of people without asking for their permission. This crackdown is one that is outlined as a huge crime that mostly affects both women and girls severely.

The government went on to mention how this latest alteration to the Bill would broaden the whole scope related to current intimate pictures showing major offenses. This way, so many attackers may now be held accountable for their actions and hence would end up serving time in jail.

Other abusive types of behavior that would end up being so illegal included the likes of taking pictures of women’s tops without asking permission. Also, crimes such as the installation of cameras to make the content of people without consent also another leading crime in this regard.

This government has gone on to describe how so many changes are taking place and it’s a comprehensive package that entails modern law. This is a major or historic moment as you’ll find this to be the first time that such deepfakes are being highlighted and being forced to pay for their crimes too.

So many images and video-producing AIs have also caused a massive rise in this matter and it’s causing a major concern with authorities. As recently set out by The Verge, new AI text-to-image producers are helping out by making it so much harder to alter porn and naked imagery so as to reduce the risk of such content being published online.

The first time we saw the law come into effect was in 2015 and that is when campaigners who raised their voices on the matter stated that things were not going as planned. They wanted more actions to be taken as both adult and child-explicit imagery was still being produced by the masses.

Hence with time, we saw more and more changes take place over a span of a few years. The regime was not working and that is what caused a major pressure scenario that had the government rethinking its next move.

It’s a positive step to see how the UK government is taking matters into its own hands and finally, criminalizing such offenses that many feel was a long time coming. And in all honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

As the campaigners claim, victims have suffered for a long time and it’s time they get justice.

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