Twitter Tries To Persuade Advertisers To Return By Claiming User Growth Is At Peak On The App

A new document published by Twitter spoke about how the app’s daily user growth has peaked at a new high, under the leadership of Elon Musk.

The document was obtained by the media outlet The Verge which claims that since the drama-filled acquisition has taken place, the number of daily users and the growth of monetization has increased by 20%. It also spoke about how Twitter experienced the most growth in its biggest market around the world, the US.

Twitter’s sales department on Monday mentioned in chats with the company’s advertisers how wonderful the platform was doing. This might be one way to better persuade advertisers to return since their dramatic fallout.

So far, Twitter has managed to include nearly 15 million mDAUs on the app and that has enabled it to cross the quarter of a billion benchmark.

Hence, if the figures are in line with how the app is reporting metrics in public then that clearly shows how great of an impact Musk’s leadership has had on the platform’s success. On Sunday, we also saw Elon Musk tweet more about how his number of users on Twitter peaked massively around the globe.

For Q2 of this year, we saw the app report 238 million mDAUs and at least 17% yearly growth.

And we do feel that even though users might now be leaving the app in huge amounts, it’s the advertisers that are making a run for it. This was particularly spoken about through a tweet published by Musk on Friday.

He clearly delineated how the app has drastically dropped in revenue thanks to so many activist groups adding pressure on advertisers. This comes at a time when both racist and hate-filled content has taken over the platform and scared off advertisers who are afraid to be associated with Twitter. A lot of it was linked to trolling campaigns.

But it might just take people like advertisers time to adjust because Musk firing top executives and then seeing the likes of Sara Personette resign really made advertisers really question what was next from his side.

Seeing 25% of firms get affected by Elon Musk’s massive layoff was an eye-opener to the world and not just advertisers out there.

Another huge concern that has advertisers in a dilemma is linked to Elon Musk’s own tweets. This had to do with the new Twitter chief setting out a baseless conspiracy about an attack on US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Yes, it’s deleted but many felt that Musk was unfair or do all such rules apply to him as much as they do to others?

So yes, the number of hate speech taking place may be within normal levels but is that enough for advertisers to really return? It’s definitely complicated but losing revenue through a lack of advertisements is definitely not a direction that Twitter or any app would ever plan on going in.

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