Instagram Launches Scheduling Posts For Professional Accounts And New Age Verification Tools

Instagram has launched its much-awaited scheduling post feature for professional accounts. The news comes after it experimented with a few selected individuals in the past several weeks.

The test went as planned and now, all professional accounts on the platform can benefit from it.

As can be witnessed in this particular overview, the app’s post-scheduling feature will allow users to put up images, Reels, and even carousels directly through the app, nearly 75 days ahead.

Instagram even put out a few basic steps that need to be followed for Reel scheduling.

This can be done easily by clicking on Advanced Settings, moments before the post is shared. And then simply press schedule the post. The time and date would be according to your personal preference that you wish to include. And the final step is pressing on post composer.

As mentioned, Instagram has been running trials over the past several weeks and we saw live posts being outlined last month with this feature.

While we do believe it’s not adding a whole lot of new options functionally since the same commands could be done via the app’s Creator Studio, it is going to be great for those who wish to schedule on the go. Let’s not forget you can even schedule your Reels to maximize content performance.

Depending on Instagram’s texting, it would only be up for grabs for Professional Accounts right now. But if you’d like to switch to a professional layout on the app by altering your option in the account settings, you can really do that.

Next up, the app is introducing more age verification tools for users in the United Kingdom and EU. The news comes as it’s a part of a huge safety update to help keep kids safe.

Instagram mentioned how anybody that tries to change their birthdate from below 18 to over 18 would now need to verify their age through a proper ID or a video selfie. This could be examined through technology used for age estimation.

Instagram says this new update could pave the way for an experience that was more age-appropriate. And it’s about time that this took place as campaigners for cyber safety were rooting for child protection after an inquest took place that ended last month.

This was linked to an incident where a 14-year-old ended up taking her life after getting exposed to the harmful side linked to online content.

Therefore, now, the app would be linked with a UK-based tech firm called Yoti to pave the way, for a new system that estimates age. Once a user is seen recording a selfie that gets shared with Yoti for analysis of their facial features, there would be an estimate of the age of a user. This would be sent directly to the app, it went on to reveal.

New research conducted by Ofcom spoke about how so many people below the age of 18 were setting up accounts belonging to adults. It’s important that this app takes out the needed steps to make sure kids aren’t at risk of being harmed or exposed to any risk, the research adds.

But at the same time, there is still major concern about how such measures will do little to nothing in terms of stopping young users from making adult accounts on the app or even guarding kids that are currently using them.

Meanwhile, a lot of push is being added to things like a new Online Safety Bill that ensures all social media sites have a legal obligation to help keep kids protected from harm on the platform.

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