YouTube Is Launching Shorts For Television Screens

If you happen to be a fan of short-form video content then you just might be in luck!

TikTok is definitely reigning supreme in that aspect but YouTube Shorts doesn’t plan on falling behind.

The Google-owned company has decided to bring its Shorts content to users’ television screens. And this way, you can enjoy viewing Shorts from the comfort of your couch in a vertical format!

Clearly, it’s a major leap, jumping from small screens of cellphones and tablets to a user’s theatre setup. But the fact that the app is launching such a feature shows how great of a response Shorts has been receiving that it’s going to expand to this level.

The news was announced today about how YouTube Shorts is making a debut on television. If you ended up watching YouTube Shorts, you must be familiar with how the orientation is mostly in a vertical direction. And at the start, the app really had trouble bringing this aspect forward to TV screens.

After taking feedback from its users across the board, it really worked hard to put these issues to the side and move ahead with an experience that would allow others to feel good on the giant screen.

One of the most crucial things about this whole experience is how the interface would really need to stand out. And that’s why the app made a new one from the start while experimenting with all sorts of different versions. As far as the one that really clicked is concerned, it was the one that gave access to so many various options.

YouTube saw how the response was great for the interface providing the greatest amount of access to so many options. So the feedback was taken in a very positive context and that interface was chosen that had features that weren’t too little nor too much. It lay in between.

YouTube adds that it hopes to include more features soon but for now, this should do.

So when should we expect the launch of Shorts on our television screens? Well, the company says it’s going to happen over the next few weeks to television models published in 2019 or even after a later date.

You can even avail of it on the latest gaming consoles such as the Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and more. But those who for whatever reason don’t have televisions or gaming consoles that support the likes of this can even download the app through Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. This would provide them immediate access through phones and tablets.

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