Twitter Says Its New Verification Scheme Will Include Three Accounts With Official, Paid, And Unlabeled Tags

By now, we know that Twitter has introduced a new verification scheme as a part of Elon Musk’s master plan.

Today, the company’s leading executive has gone public with details regarding the way this new verification scheme works.

Esther Crawford says that verified accounts would soon be sporting their different labels, depending on which one of the paid packages would be entertained.

The price of the Twitter Blue paid plan is $7.99 and with the subscription, you’ll get the chance to sport blue ticks but no details were provided about how to get official status.

At the moment, Elon Musk is serving as the app’s CEO and main director. He had a lot of issues and concerns with the previous verification system. In the past, it was only politicians, celebs, media people, and more who were given the chance to attain this verification badge. This is done to prevent the hazards of impersonation through bad actors trying to take advantage of the situation.

In the past, this blue tick allowed other Twitter users to know that each account on the platform and its contents were authentic and coming through the right means. Some users needed these verification marks to assure the app about key points that would verify their identity further.

Meanwhile, other apps like Facebook and Instagram did indeed have separate verification systems in place so it made sense that Twitter was next in line. But now, the tables have been turned by billionaire Elon Musk.

His instructions have paved a new path that would allow for this Blue tick to work as a badge highlighting paid subscribers that the firm hopes to verify too. This new means of subscription has really turned into a mega focus point for Elon Musk that wishes this new platform relies less on ads but manages to produce more revenue through its subscriptions.

Crawford says that getting the Blue subscription and getting the check mark from the firm won’t require ID verification anymore. A lot of people on the app have requested answers on how the app plans on differentiating between its Blue subscribers with blue ticks from those verified as official. And that’s when the talk about introducing the label called, ‘official’ to certain accounts would occur.

Twitter says that its Blue subscription doesn’t have any ID verification included. It’s optional and will come when paid for, giving users a blue tick and plenty of access to different features. They also revealed how they would be experimenting with other meaningful ways to separate the accounts from each other.

Not every account would attain this official label and also, and you can’t buy this tag. Those that do get it would entail businesses, media outlets, government accounts, and pubic figures, the Twitter executive revealed.

Under the leadership of Elon Musk, Crawford has become the firm’s product leader for the Twitter Blue subscription. Last week, her division witnessed a massive reduction in the workforce but now, they’re forced to rehire some of those that had been told to go.

The new system of verification is bound to face plenty of criticism. And Elon Musk is aware of just that. He knows what is next and anticipates it all. But one of Elon Musk’s biggest concerns is how the US market behaves toward the app’s new working and policies.

Despite Twitter having a great international outreach, the biggest or most profitable market out there is definitely the US and that’s why Elon Musk seems to be worried.

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