Pinterest Made Major Changes In Its Algorithm And That's The Reason Why The App Is Getting Some Extra Interactions

Recently it was seen that Pinterest is gaining increased engagements and suddenly many people are using this app. Now we know the reason why Pinterest has shared its secret of sudden engagements. In the publication that was shared, Pinterest said that they have improved their algorithm which now gives recommended content and as a result, their engagement gets maximized. Pinterest's engineering team also told the people how they have done it. They said that they just monitor users' usage on the app more closely and then give them relevant content which improves the engagement of the app.

Pinterest explains that it monitors 100 user actions and then shows the content according to the users' interests. This technique was still present in the past but it wasn't as frequent as Pinterest has made it now. Pinterest reviews an individual's activities twice a week and then makes a Pinterest content algorithm according to it.

As Pinterest is working on recommending content according to the activity of the users, you can see a great increase in engagement on the pins. Pinterest also monitors what type of pins the user repins or engages with and then shows the rest of the content on the app according to it. Pinterest also notes what type of pins a user is categorizing as irrelevant or which ones he is reducing from his homepage. Then Pinterest also works according to it and makes sure that users are not coming across the type of content they deem as irrelevant.

This little practice has made recommendations of pins more relevant and that's why the app is receiving more engagements. Users also save a pin which makes it easier for the Pinterest algorithm to make content relevant to the user. Users are rediscovering Pinterest because of this new change in the app. We are sure that it will gain more users in no time.

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