Elon Musk Has Been Constantly Trying Out New Features On The App Ever Since He Bought Twitter

Ever Since Elon Musk owned Twitter, his new modifications to the app are continuously on the news. Just yesterday, Musk announced that Twitter's birdwatch features will be renamed to Community Notes. Musk said that this change is for bringing accurate and contextual news and information to Twitter. By using Community Notes (Birdwatch), users will be able to add context notes on posts that are false and misleading. Elon announced this news followed by a tweet by Twitter's Vice President of Products. In his tweet, he stated that after Musk's take on Twitter, Birdwatch numbers have gone from 131 per day to only 45 a day. Keep in mind that the Birdwatch feature was just announced in early October which allows users to write correct and contextual information on a tweet that seems false and misleading to them.

Another thing Elon Musk did after his ownership of Twitter was to make people pay if they want a blue verification tick next to their username. By subscribing to Twitter Blue, users who want verification on Twitter will have to pay $8 monthly to have the blue tick. Although there are a few requirements to get verified, it will become easy for people to get verified who are well-known to the public on Twitter. Not only this, but the users who are already verified have to pay $8 as monthly fees too. Several media outlets reported that Twitter has also removed all the application processes on the app which was previously required to become verified on Twitter. Users do not seem quite happy with this new information because they think that Twitter's pay-for-verification will make Twitter earn extra money but many useless and obnoxious accounts will also get verified through this procedure. This new feature will be rolled out worldwide soon.

Apart from Twitter's pay-for-verification, Elon has also promised many Twitter creators great monetization tools and better search functionality. Just recently, it was announced that Twitter will let users write long texts, an update from the long tweets people used to write on the notes app. However, Elon Musk hasn't said anything about when the new functionality features will arrive on Twitter. NBC news reporter reported that Elon is just taking credit for what previous employees did and long-form text is a big proof of it because they had been working for Twitter Articles as a long-form text feature. But now Elon has taken over the app so we must see where all this goes.

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