Twitter Deletes Its Newly-Launched ‘Official’ Checkmark

As Elon Musk says, Twitter is going to be making some serious changes and while some may be for the better, others not so much.

This might be one of the many reasons why we saw it scrap the decision to remove the ‘Official’ checkmark feature that was launched just one day back. The offering was designed to assist users in differentiating accounts that were verified through Twitter Blue and those verified with the ‘Official’ status too.

The news was recently confirmed by the firm’s new CEO himself in a tweet while replying to a leading tech YouTuber who goes by the name of Marques Brownlee. The latter realized that this official tag had vanished in a few hours and soon, he had two verified checkmarks.

To that, Elon Musk boldly confirmed that the idea as a whole was killed and he wouldn’t be allowing the platform to proceed with it further. Furthermore, Musk mentioned how the classic blue checkmark would be a great level and that indicates how the firm would be going back to the drawing board and its original plans.

At the start, Twitter’s blue tick was only utilized to confirm those accounts that came with a ‘high-profile’ status. Later on, it was soon made available to each and everyone and had the $8 a month scene under this particular subscription.

Meanwhile, the billionaire was also seen speaking about how the firm would be doing plenty of crazy things in the next few months. And it says that some would work, others wouldn’t and that’s why it’s inviting people on for the ride.

The Twitter director that put up the post regarding the ‘Official’ tag also stated how the company would be making some more big changes in the upcoming future. Lastly, Twitter’s Support account did also reveal how they won’t be giving out any new checks to any of the app’s users.

But what they would be doing is going after certain accounts that they feel go against the app’s policies. Things like impersonation and even deception have no room on the app and hence would be dealt with strictly.

On the weekend, billionaire Elon Musk mentioned how his microblogging website is going to enforce permanent bans for impersonators. The only exception is those people who claim to be a parody. So as you can see, change is coming and some people may like it and others, not so much.

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