Troubled Times For TikTok As FBI Director Calls For The App’s Ban

TikTok is currently facing some troubled times as the app has been called out by the FBI, which demands it be banned immediately.

This is definitely not the first time that we’re seeing news of this kind. Before this, so many American lawmakers ended up slamming TikTok and how it was sharing data of American citizens with servers in China.

Right now, TikTok is struggling hard to prove to the world that data security is at the top of its list and that it got the right policies and practices in place to avoid any misleading doubts about how it works and who it shares data with.

So many authorities feel that the application is having links to the Chinese Government. And for that reason, users’ data is always at risk of being shared. This has been a belief for years and so many investigations have taken place in the past and are continuing to do so now as well. There was even a public call for the application to get banned too regarding such major concerns.

Now, it’s interesting to see how the FBI is joining in such calls and they’re making huge claims of how the app could end up being a major security threat to the US. Let’s not forget how President Donald Trump said the same and there was a high chance that the platform would be banned soon.

Some statements that are coming forward today have to do with the likes of the Chinese Government having complete control of software that belongs to millions. There’s a major recommendation algorithm taking center stage and there are fears that China is really influencing the operations of the app for its own benefit.

While such claims are definitely not new, one thing is for sure. TikTok is facing accusations ever since its introduction in the US and with time, they keep getting worse.

TikTok says it is working hard to really address all of the US concerns in a single go. But now, a new concern has to do with fears of TikTok being accessed by the CCP. The company denied that statement and says there is zero truth in it. But we can’t forget how its own policies claim that staff located in China can grab a hold of data belonging to different users for a series of functions.

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