Many TikTok Accounts Accused Of Serving As Portals For Child Abuse And Going Unnoticed

If you are an avid user of the TikTok app, we are sure you may have come across a series of posts that feature some bizarre messages. They’re vulgar and explicit and ask users to join them in private for a little fun.

It’s a dark world out there and it’s so easy to be misguided, thanks to the likes of such innocuous accounts on the platform. What many people don’t realize is how these end up serving as portals for the sexual abuse of young kids and it’s being done in plain sight.

They are usually posted in private settings where only the user that’s logged in gets a glimpse of the adult content in the store. While there might not be a lot to see from the outside world, you soon begin to realize that it’s so much more than that.

Think along the lines of young kids or minors stripping down, engaging in adult behavior, and being exploited to perform acts of indecency. All you need to do to join the club is request a stranger on the platform for the password and that’s it.

The security policies outlined by TikTok prevent users from grabbing a hold of login credentials so they can’t be shared with other people.

Meanwhile, a recent report by Forbes has really gone about unveiling a new and shocking dark world. You’ll find underage victims getting abused sexually and predators available all around. You can meet and share explicit pictures across one of the largest social media apps out there today.
TikTok is really picking the pace in this regard and it’s really dangerous, to say the least. It’s almost as if the platform struggles to have its own guidelines get enforced, despite a major policy in store for displaying such abusive content.

But we must inform you that the issues linked to closed apps on social media serving as breeding habitats for such violent and exploitative activity are definitely something special. You will find all sorts of groups on Facebook too and the situation is undoubtedly alarming for various reasons.

Let’s not forget how popular TikTok has become in such a short span of time. We are seeing so many minors log into the app once a day at a minimum. And that is why authorities need to do something quickly before it's too late.

So as you can see, on paper, the app has strong policies but they’re useless if they can’t curb such matters.

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