WhatsApp is working on three much-needed updates for desktop users

WhatsApp is working on three new features for its Windows version.

Starting off with the first update, back in October, the application rolled out a beta version of a new sidebar feature for Windows users. The feature would allow users to have easy access to options such as the chat list, settings, or uploading status. Now the company has decided to include calls on the list too.

Based on the screenshot shared by Wabetainfo, the call tab instantly pops up when clicked, showing the history of all incoming and outgoing calls. However, since it is an additional update for the beta version, the list may not be updated properly and would need a restart. But it is expected that the future update will fix this issue as well.

The second update for Windows users is that the latest polling feature is making its way to the desktop. Initially, the beta version will be released to a limited number of users.

Before this, desktop users only had the ability to view or take part in an ongoing poll, but now they’ll be able to start a poll of their own by simply clicking the attach icon in the chat section, and they’ll be shown a number of options with Polls among them. The beta version has already been released, and it may take some time before the feature is released globally.

And lastly, desktop users will soon be receiving one of the most-awaited features. Three years ago, the company released a screen lock feature for its Android and iOS users. The security update makes the users feel more secure, as WhatsApp can’t be accessed by anyone else without a password. Furthermore, users had the ability to manage the settings for the feature by setting a duration after which it would be enabled.

Now, desktop users will also be able to enjoy it; however, the feature is still in its initial phase and needs some time before it becomes fully functional. The developers are also working to link fingerprint scanners on laptops with WhatsApp security for a more secure experience. Currently the beta version hasn’t been announced, but it can be expected that soon an official announcement will be made by the representatives.

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