5 in 10 of millennials have ordered food or visited a restaurant after seeing it on TikTok

Nowadays, everything goes viral within seconds after being uploaded on social media. The same is the case with restaurants and their foods. After getting promoted or simply receiving good reviews from influencers on TikTok, people start coming to that particular restaurant, and their business flourishes in this way.

TikTok is highly beneficial for all businesses, and these days’ restaurateurs are making use of it in a good way. The marketing agencies that specifically cover the food and restaurant business said that more than thousands of people prefer food if they have seen it doing rounds on social media. Among those agencies include MGH, Utz, and 16 Handles.

These days’ people are more interested in getting to know the reviews of the food beforehand rather than visiting the place themselves. Because influencers are doing that for them, whether it is Generation Z or millennials, they prefer ordering food after seeing the video on TikTok. Millennials are more likely to order the food they see online as compared to Gen Z.

MGH reported that 38% of people are traveling a long distance from their homes to try TikTok-recommended food. 28%, on the other hand, are spending half of their pay on trying new foods.

38% of TikTok users have visited a restaurant and/or ordered food from a restaurant after seeing a TikTok video about it.

30% of surveyed TikTok users have traveled longer than they normally do to visit a restaurant after seeing it on TikTok.

MGH media marketer director Ryan Goff said that TikTok has taken the world of food by storm. People used to ignore such apps at first, but now a majority of people are getting influenced by the app. They prefer food, fashion, and other stuff shown in the 20-minute reel on TikTok. TikTok has changed the mindset of people and influenced their every move. For instance, where to spend their weekend and where to spend their money.

Many companies have decided to take advantage of TikTok’s marketing strategy. Food and beverages are promoting their brand on social media. For example, Taco Bell has created a video on TikTok to spread the news that they are bringing back their Mexican pizza. The clip alone gets 57 million views in one day. TikTok not just promotes the brand but also brings more revenue to the restaurant.

Moreover, people have started consuming stuff that has been shown on TikTok. TikTok's rise to prominence as a search engine has contributed a great deal in promoting restaurant names. People of all ages are searching for nearby best restaurants on their apps to grab a bite. They have grown dependent on the app’s review. Other than that, TikTok is trying to test a new feature that will enable people to find restaurants easily in their vicinity.

Also, instacart integrations allow people to make a shopping list if they want to make the same dish at home. It has become accessible for people to find the food of their taste easily by just seeing a video online.

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