TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp: These were the most downloaded apps of the past 30 days

The report for the most downloaded applications in October 2022 has finally been released. With Twitter trending all over the media, now it’s time to analyze what other applications have achieved so far in the previous month.

Based on the top 10 combined results, ByteDance’s TikTok has once again topped the chart after securing 53 million new downloads, followed by meta-owned Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Instagram, being in the second position with 49 million new downloads, was able to leave Facebook behind as the social media platform secured the third position with 42 million installs, followed by another Meta-owned application, WhatsApp, with 37 million downloads. Surprisingly, ByteDance’s CapCut was also among the top 5, with 31 million new downloads.

However, the individual results on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play showed a different kind of story. On the App Store, only 2 out of the 5 most downloaded applications were social media platforms, including TikTok at number 1 with 25 million downloads and Instagram at number 3 with 15 million installs. Whereas the remaining three applications belonged to Google, including Google in the 2nd spot with 17 million installs, Google Maps in the 4th, and YouTube at number 5.

On the other hand, things on Google Play portray a different story from the App Store, as 4 out of the top 5 applications were social media platforms. Not only this, but on Google Play, Instagram was at the top of the list with the most installs. After getting 34 million new downloads, Meta's application let TikTok slide to third place with 28 million downloads. Instagram was shortly followed by Facebook, which added 31 million new users. The famous instant messaging application from Meta, WhatsApp, was at number four with 24 million installs. Google’s Google Sheet successfully entered the top 5 clubs with 21 million installs.

While Snapchat was not able to make much of a difference on the App Store, the platform successfully got itself in the top 10 on Google Play, which paved its way into the top 10 combined total list. Twitter, which is a hot topic nowadays, couldn’t get itself on any lists.

H/T: AppFigures
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