Apple Is Still Far Behind In Terms Of Finding A Replacement For Google Search On iOS Devices

Apple and Google are two major names in the tech industry and they both have a unique relationship.

It’s about co-dependency and a recently published report in The Information has dived into Apple’s efforts to make independent ‘search capabilities’ a possibility that could allow it to compete with Google directly. This is why in 2018, we saw the top iPhone maker mention how it had taken on board an AI-based news startup that was called Laserlike. This was reportedly founded by Google’s engineers.

The team would be the ones creating features for options like Siri Suggestions and even Spotlight while providing responses to questions put out by the Siri assistant.

While working for the likes of Apple, a number of people were seen having CVs with past experiences at Google. It’s just how close both these firms are turning out to be in the end. Google pays Apple a good sum of money to ensure its Search Results are considered a priority on the iOS device. And even then, so many questions were raised about Google behaving like a monopoly.

The fact that both of these companies are partners and arch-rivals makes the whole scenario so much more interesting because they’re both competing for the top spot in the search industry. And while Apple may be keen on nagging the top spot, today’s report says that it’s far from doing that.

Apple is more than four years away from setting out a dedicated Google search replacement as revealed by a member closely affiliated with that particular team. He added how decisions like this would end up causing a massive increase in budget and they’re not willing to do something like that just yet.

In the same way, we’re hearing more about Apple setting out a deal with the famous Bing Search by Microsoft too. It’s going to be on par with the deal that Apple has going on with Google. Remember, Bing has a very small share of the overall search industry.

In the meantime, we know the leading iPhone maker is putting more emphasis on causing the expansion of technology to new highs like power searches for both the App Store and Apple Music. The technology may even be used to produce data for several other Apple teams and create apps that utilize language processing like those things that entail translation too.

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