Email or Blackmail? Your Suspicious Emails are Just Popping ‘MALWARE’

The internet world is expected to receive a huge number of junk emails that are claimed to be spam in the upcoming years after 2022.

Besides being annoying, spam emails are like unwanted messages sent excessively from different sources which are somehow for commercial purposes but nowadays users are advised to be cautious of them as they are alert of the danger. Not every spam email is worthy because half of them are not secure and lead you to phishing websites with just one click.

Many people do not even know the existence of the harmful email and get scammed by viciously dangerous email attachments. Zip as an archive file has the largest ratio of 28% and HTML site links of approximately 21% are included. Files based on text are also used to fool people. For instance, Microsoft programs together make up 35.5% of spam emails.

The average person spends a significant portion of their day checking and responding to emails related to work. However, a recent study has claimed many of them are just spam which is alarming for all working personalities. Since the use of email has exceeded over the past few years, the way people do business has also changed completely. As there is not much time for businessmen to communicate directly with their employees and business partners, they prefer interacting through emails. However, unwanted emails can cause massive destruction to the firms’ data and employee information.

The study, conducted by the research firm Hornet Security, found that 40.5% of 25 billion business emails are malicious and can lead to drastic challenges for all. The company CEO Daniel Hofmann emphasizes restricting scammers from exploiting people’s faith in Microsoft and other systems. He further suggested that continuous awareness and counseling must be implemented. Additionally, he made explicit reference to Microsoft signifying the backup feature for the security of exchanged material via the platform as it is also crucial.

To protect your devices and accounts from harmful spam links, one should install and take help from various antivirus services. Instead of being unwarned, these services at least could inform you to stop for a while and think before visiting any insecure website.

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