This New Report By Experts Shares What Will Happen If Twitter Ends And Who Will Benefit

The way things are going on Twitter, experts are now coming to the conclusion that the end is near.

With more than 50% of its workforce reduced and a major shakeup in the company’s top executive lineup too, we can only imagine what’s next. And now, hundreds are opting to resign altogether.

As you can imagine, the drama is intense on the social platform and Elon Musk isn’t helping one bit with a new day and a new policy arriving. We saw how his decision to roll out a new verification to the Blue Subscription on the app resulted in absolute and utter chaos.

Tools were used to abuse information and now, experts claim that it’s time to think beyond the application being successful and focus on what happens when the platform implodes. To put it simply, these theories best described what could be in store.

For starters, this is going to be a golden opportunity for leading social media archrival TikTok which is trying to do everything to make the most of this moment.

The idea is to grow the user base and enhance engagement. Moreover, it could even eat up a bigger portion related to advertising to benefit. As recently laid out by an entrepreneur, TikTok is being a much more addictive app and its algorithm must be credited for its success. So yes, Twitter’s fall is definitely TikTok’s success.

Next up, experts are looking at other options in store. We could see the userbase of Twitter head on over to apps like Reddit. Remember, the functioning of the app is very similar in terms of the whole microblogging endeavor.

You will not come across Twitter users going out to create TikToks as that just might not be their choice of action. The app was all about having a conversation and Reddit would definitely be aligned along those terms.

Thirdly, Mastodon may be on the winning lineup after Twitter’s loss. The app is slowly but surely picking up the pace and we could well be witnessing around 1 million users that are active here each month. And for those who may not be aware, the app is mentioning in its own blogs how it hopes to be the best alternative to the Twitter platform.

Experts are not ruling out the possibility that LinkedIn would be the one cashing in too. The popular professional network has managed to attain a lot of attention from both users as well as respective advertisers and we don’t see why it can’t be a major success for obvious reasons.

Both Instagram and TikTok have a very unique style that’s different from Twitter. We’d definitely be seeing a more professional touch with LinkedIn and that’s why a lot of critics and experts are predicting this app to benefit the most than others, in case Twitter implodes.

While it might seem a little crazy to you, people are even betting their money on Pinterest as the next app in line to benefit. They see it as a promising platform for advertisers as the app has a strong audience and there’s a lot of engagement here too.

This app is great for those in search of classic campaigns in terms of marketing and even goals that can be achieved through paid campaigns.

Last but not least, those who might be on the lookout for a little something extra than the ordinary may end up choosing a name that’s fresh out of the oven. There are definitely a lot of teams that might have already begun work on what to do next if things end up going south for Twitter.

The long-term choice is something that lies in the future and it could be one that’s unnamed for now. Hence, we’d definitely be required to open up our eyes in this regard.

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