Twitter Locks Its Own Employees Out From Its Office Building

It appears that every new day has some dramatic beginnings for Twitter and now, we’re hearing about a shocking statement sent out by the organization to its employees.

Twitter reportedly informed all workers that its office buildings would be shut on a temporary basis. But it also went on to mention how the news would come into effect immediately.

The message was announced by several top media outlets who grabbed a hold of the statement that was sent out to the employees and spoke about how the office space would reopen on Monday.

This shocking announcement came amid some startling reports about huge numbers of staff deciding to call it quits after Elon Musk told them to negotiate longer working hours or perhaps leave.

The message reportedly spoke about how the company wished all would comply with its policies and stop sharing personal or sensitive news on social media, with other press sources, and anywhere else.

For now, Twitter failed to immediately respond to requests regarding the situation. Moreover, this past week, we heard about Musk informing all employees at Twitter about longer working hours and the need to be super hardcore.

Those people who didn’t sign up for it would have to give up three months of their working salary. And the new email that was sent out spoke about how a pledge needed to be made by those that really were keen on staying.

After that, we heard about Twitter reducing its workforce by nearly 50%, and then it spoke about closing down offices amid some huge signs that a large workforce cut was in store. This is due to the fact that many workers are not taking Elon Musk’s words seriously and are failing to see the new terms.

For a while now, we saw employees sending out texts using hashtags like ‘Love Where You Worked’, and then there was an emoji that showed the icon of a salute that represented how they would next be leaving the corporation.

Today, an ex-Twitter employee revealed how it now looks like no one really is keen on working for Musk at the company. He felt that the time was near when there could be less than 2000 people as a whole.

But despite so much turmoil taking place, it’s very interesting now to see how Musk is still tweeting positive news like how the app has massively surged in terms of usage and it’s hitting a new high.

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