Netflix Finally Introduces Remote Logout: A New Nifty Feature

Do you remember the realization you had after getting into a friend's Netflix account for months and discovering they were paying for it? Netflix is imposing restrictions on account sharing, so you'll soon need to find a new means to get your TV fixed.

Security is a significant concern, no doubt. Netflix has launched a new function, “Controlling Access and Devices" that will permit users to automatically log out of their accounts from distance; that can happen within a click. This action comes as a response because of the increasing number of people sharing their Netflix account passwords with others holding no safety.

Sharing passwords has become a popular way to get around the company’s policy of only allowing one user per account. However, it has also resulted in a significant number of people using Netflix without paying for it.

It is a great feature for people who transmit their Netflix accounts to others and become unaware of how harmful it can be for them. They usually forget to log out of there while using it in someone's house, or while going for outings. But now this is going to end.

Netflix is carrying strict action against people; who share their Netflix accounts with loved ones and friends by charging an additional up to $3 fee for transferring it with their close ones.

The great news is that by using this feature, you can instantly remove account hackers from your Netflix account before the company starts billing you additionally.

This latest function will allow these users to see a list of all the gadgets logged into their accounts. They will then be able to select through which they want to sign out. The action is likely to cause some inconvenience for people who disseminate their credentials but will be welcomed by people who have been bearing expenses for accounts that are being operated by others.

The current feature is available on the website with the name "Controlling Access and Devices", which you can find in the Privacy section of your account if more than 20 plus gadgets are working at the same time on a single account. The gadget name, users name, location, time, and date is recorded within that moment.

People who have been sharing your Netflix login information with others, it is time to say goodbye to its freeloading ways. From now, you'll need to have your own Netflix account if you want to continue watching your favorite shows and movies.

Simply press logged out to prevent gadgets from operating the account going forward. Anyone who was streaming can be ejected; will not be allowed to sign in again without their accurate credentials.

To maintain safety for Netflix users, launching such a "function" is great work done by Netflix.

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