Elon Musk Says Twitter Would Soon Allow Companies To Identify Which Other Accounts Are Linked With Them

Currently, we see Twitter’s paid Blue account walking on thin ice as the firm tries to figure out how it can control the non-stop attack and abuse conducted by so many impersonators.

Still, the app means business and it’s really trying hard to create a new stream of revenue that would be less reliable on ads and more on subscriptions.

Yesterday, we saw Musk speak in his Tweet about how the firm would be enabling organizations to identify which other Twitter accounts are linked to them. And by that, he meant the organization would be given so much more control over various affiliated accounts while Twitter is in charge.

It is yet to be clear if this tool would be paid for by the firm or would be an exclusive privilege provided to those having the paid Blue tier. As it is, so much uncertainty surrounds the topic of Twitter verification and the blue ticks as it’s put on hold thanks to the controversies arising for so long. People are literally so confused as to what is going on and they don’t even know where to begin.

If things do go as scheduled, Twitter’s plan as set out in tweets is linked to Twitter Blue and other such services that are paused thanks to impersonation to be reinstated by the end of this week. So the waiting game begins.

Twitter and its new owners have really cast a lot of doubts in people's minds about how much chaos surrounds the future of the platform. Today, it’s working with half the number of employees after the workforce was reduced by a significant margin.

There is a new business model in place that is linked to subscriptions, ads, and paywalls too. Hence, a lot is being done and some are publicized while others are not so much. We’ve seen Twitter expand to new highs, then be trolled, and finally, be abused. In the span of just a week.

So we are now waiting for Musk to roll this out and when it does, we’d love to see the response of firms regarding the new affiliated verification and whether or not it’s being accepted with positivity or not.

This feature would make it easier to track those and report others who are unaffiliated on the app. And when it’s a success, Twitter would charge organizations as a premium service.

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