Elon Musk Now Uses The Twitter App Once Every Hour Since Taking Charge

Billionaire Elon Musk has been known for his active status on the Twitter app. And this was way before he even thought of purchasing the social media platform. But after buying it recently, we saw that not a lot of things have changed since he made the purchase.

Elon Musk finished his $44 million buyout and became the firm’s new chief on October 27. And since then, we’ve seen him go up in terms of usage on the website that he is the owner of.

Taking a glance through Elon Musk’s Twitter newsfeed will make one realize that his tweets have definitely undergone a massive change in the three weeks that he’s been running the company.

Media outlet Insider began taking a glance at Elon Musk’s Twitter activity both before and after the company’s acquisition. And the change is definitely worth a mention.

The chart featured below shows how the billionaire’s actions on the app after the time of acquisition exceeded the total actions seen in the weeks prior to it. This includes the likes of retweets, tweets, and even replies. Moreover, his retweets count continued to stay the same before the acquisition but he has definitely increased his tweets and replies for sure.

As far as Tweets are concerned, Elon Musk went from 65 to 105 while his replies jumped from 228 to 369.

Coming to Retweets, they increased a little from 23 to 28 ever since and as a whole, it’s a major leap from 316 actions to 502. Please be mindful that the report may of course entail a few human errors too during the process of calculation but overall, this was the final reveal. One thing that is yet to change is how the billionaire likes to reply more than actually send out tweets.

On average when we look at the picture, Elon Musk made Twitter action a little over 15 times in a day before he made his purchase and now, it stands at 24.

Despite losing his mind while trying to run the app, it’s just so interesting to see how Elon Musk has been so active on the social media platform. It sometimes makes you wonder how firing top executives and the CEO and reducing the workforce by half has literally not left him in an overwhelmed position. He’s doing just fine and can’t stop tweeting his mind.

Then we’ve got the likes of Twitter polls and some ideas or recommendations put out for the app and even some responses to critics as well. As the billionaire mentioned, he is eating, sleeping, and breathing Twitter and plans on staying at the headquarters until they find a permanent fix for the app.

This is the sort of works ethics he wants from his employees too as it’s time to wake up and get into shape for a demanding routine.

Let’s give you one very interesting example of Elon Musk, he may be super busy but he still managed to make the time to attend a huge high-profile Halloween event by supermodel Heidi Klum.

So as you can see, there’s a lot on his plate but he’s not fearful of anything at the moment. So whether he is busy or he is not, this is for sure. This man loves to tweet on the Twitter app and these types of data and reports make it so clear for us to see.

Will Musk stop sending out Tweets and replies as he’s faced with heavy criticism across the board? The answer is we don’t think so because he has literally become immune.

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