Apple CEO Tim Cook Shares Unique Personal Aspects Of His Life During Candid Interview

It’s not too often that many of us witness leaders behind some of the biggest tech organizations give interviews about their private lives. But leading iPhone maker Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook really left many people surprised with his last interview.

The event that paved the way for such an interview was the recently held FIRST Inspire Gala of this year. Interviewer Brian Tong says he feels privileged to set the stage for the Apple CEO who managed to share some personal details that not too many people would have known about in the past.

This included some reflection on his education and important lessons that leading inspiring personalities like Steve Jobs may have ended up teaching him. Cook also shared how he likes to remain calm despite living the most stressful life one could imagine on a daily basis.

When Cook was asked about his education shaping his life journey, the Apple CEO had plenty to say. He reflected on how he is proud to have attended the country’s public schooling system with no regrets.

For him, education is what drives you to do better and it’s the base you get to lead a bigger and better life. And that is why he gives it the most credit for helping him to be the leader of the world’s most successful organizations today. In the same way, it was so great to see him being so humble and sharing gratitude for the people that made him who he is today- his parents and mentors. They are the ones that always strived to put great emphasis on education and he’s so glad they did.

Cook adds that education can be a great equalizer for individuals as it is that one thing that provides people with an equal chance to succeed and make their lives better.

Next up, Cook was asked to share some sort of meaningful lessons that he may have learned from those that he’s looked up. And for him, it was Steve Jobs, without any hesitation.

Jobs was the one that taught the CEO life lessons that he feels have really assisted him. Jobs always explained to him how the whole purpose of life is in the journey and that’s where one can expect to find the greatest amount of joy.

In the past, Cook says he used to always worry about what would come next and even ended up putting away happiness until a certain other thing occurred. And then when that thing didn’t occur, he realized how true Jobs was at the end of it all. You have to take pride and joy in the journey.

Tim Cook also mentioned how important it is to find a certain passion in your life as that is what makes you go stronger and provides you with equal access to different funding and educational endeavors.

Last but not least, the Apple CEO says that staying calm in today’s competitive and stressful tech world is so hard. But he tries to direct his energy toward adoring the people he is working with. The goal is to make one another better and take part in activities that can really add value to people’s lives.

This is a side of Tim Cook that not too many people have seen or know about and it was a treat for the interview and the audience to witness such enlightening words.

Also, we love how it was less focused on what Apple plans for the future and more on how the company’s CEO looks at life and what his journey has been all about.

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