Older People Are Surprising Everyone by Caring More About Brand Purpose Than Gen Z

It’s no secret that the world is becoming increasingly polarized. We see it in the news, on social media, and in our everyday lives. There are a lot of discussions about younger generations viewing the brands on what they offer. But a recent study from Gfk amazed us when they found out older people are paying more attention to a brand purpose (the reason behind its existence).

There were significant variances between the responses of different generations because of their diverse perspectives regarding brands, at times as much as 20% points, with different brands like Dove performing highest among Gen Z or Post Millennials and H&M and Starbucks achieving the highest with older people or Gen X.

Many well-known companies like Colgate, Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, Toyota, and Patagonia have built incredible customer loyalty through their services. A Study was done based on these companies, where on the opinions of 2,400 American adults who saw 20 purpose-driven advertisements from these companies, and the ads were then graded according to how pleasingly they might "fascinate, imprint, and activate viewers." To gauge people's reactions, the study also used logical and sentimental brand loyalty criteria.

GfK then categorized the advertisements with either revolutionary commercials or traditional purpose messaging, which helps promote the brand's beliefs and accomplishments. This work was done in collaboration with Thomas Kolster and Goodvertising Agency. Instead of emphasizing the brand itself, these buildups focus on what customers can achieve.

These brands target Gen Z by making them watch these emotional transformational ads, which strongly and directly create a psychological impact on their mind and create a significant difference in their life. They target this age group because of their strongest emotional reaction among all the age groups. They believe in the brand listening to their concerns and love it.

Which advertisements throughout all generations produced the most powerful branding? Tom's, Pepsi, Apple, Colgate, and H&M.

Consumer attention appears to be influenced by the perceived "quality of fit" between the company values and its goals. Dove, Colgate, Pepsi, and Patagonia perform the best in this regard for younger consumers.

Because of incredible services and targeting Gen Z preaching something motivated, these companies like Toyota, Samsung, Apple, Hiring Chain, Dove, Seventh Generation, H&M, Fed Ex, Patagonia, and Soda Stream have the highest success reaching Gen X consumers.

Due to the growth from "nothing to everything" and maintaining the brand name by providing the promised quality companies like Hiring Chain, CleanCut, Seventh Generation, H&M, and Starbucks, on the other hand, received the best responses from boomers in the form of feedback.

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