Confusion Among Facebook Users As App Allows Group Members To Turn Themselves Into A Moderator

Facebook is baffling its own users when the app recently allowed for a recent change in regards to its online groups.

Members were served with a unique post that says that they can nominate themselves as the moderator of a group, as spotted by Matt Navarra. And we can’t help but imagine how such a post managed to pass through the app’s moderation team so easily.

The only advice we can give you at the moment is to be wary of such posts because we don’t see that turning into a reality. In case such a notification does pop up on screens in regards to any group on an app, simply ignore it and please move on.

It’s never a good idea to have such a feature activated as you don’t know how it made it through the development phase and if you ask us, it’s quite confusing. We can only imagine the types of problems to arise in various communities.

In case you do require admins, please choose them from places that you trust because it doesn’t make sense to take on board anyone and everyone for a group.

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