Investments can be worrisome for three out of four Americans

According to a recent survey conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with Atom Finance, out of every four Americans, three believe they did something wrong while investing.

Americans think they have taken four big decisions they shouldn’t have. Out of two thousand survey participants, 31 of them think they made more than four big mistakes.

While responding to the hardest steps they have taken, investment topped at 38%, followed by a new place to stay at 33% and changing careers at 29%.

When asked whom they’d go to for suggestions on what step they should take, family and friends came in first, with 54 percent support. Taking advice from the web came in second with 40 percent, and surprisingly, informational shows and podcasts had the lowest numbers with 25% and 16%, respectively.

While 38 percent were not satisfied with the steps they took after investing, on the other hand, 71 percent agreed to be confused even after doing research on their end before making a move. The most common fear they get when the word "investment" pops up is losing their money, which can be seen in 76 percent of the respondents wanting to learn more before giving input in the investment world. 7 out of 10 participants are scared of taking the wrong steps with their money.

The word "investment" itself can generate three different responses at a time. Thirty-five percent show interest when they hear the term, while twenty-seven percent get inspired, and the same goes for getting anxious over it.

According to Eric Shoykhet, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Atom Finance, if anyone wants to invest, they should have access to all the information required to make their decision. Eric further added that his company is aiming to cover all the empty areas people have to face when getting themselves into the stock market and connect them with companies that can benefit them.

While 54% of them have already invested, the other 50% are still thinking about it. And another 57 percent kept themselves away from investing because they believe it was a game of risk.

Wendy Ivanoski, COO of Atom Finance, said that it is difficult for investors to decide where they should get their information about investments and whom they should have faith in. This is where such platforms come in and assist those who want to be a part of something big and make money out of it with complete information.

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