Snapchat Rolls Out New Fitness Integration With Strava So Users Can Put Their Healthy Habits On Display

It’s a unique collaboration but one that many people are looking forward to. We’re talking about Snapchat uniting with leading fitness app Strava to better showcase users' healthy habits.

The new launch is a part of the platform’s AR lens integration that gives users more insight into their life and healthy lifestyles. This is done in a more interactive and visual manner.

With the new Strava collaboration in place, users can expect to see a wide array of overlay choices that Strava integrates on the Snap camera for display purposes. It facilitates different kinds of engagements in fitness programs too.

Snap recently went public with the news and claims that just a few clicks are required to allow the new Strava Lens to give users on the Snapchat app the chance to click Snaps or post up stories that put out tales for recent fitness routines.

So you can be skipping rope, jogging, weight training, or simply powerwalking with your friends, the options are limited to share for the next leg of the race. All in all, we are seeing this as a great AR experience that assists you in telling a bigger picture of all the efforts taking place on the platform.

More than 100 million users of the Strava fitness app would be familiar with this new partnership as it would help add some great exposure for the platform’s tools. It may end up playing a major part in making the Snap app enhance users’ appeal for older audiences.

When we heard about this back in September, the CEO of Snapchat mentioned how he required a 4000-word letter to be sent out to staff members that would highlight the firm’s key focus areas and get the business back on track. After a while, the period was said to be a huge challenge thanks to all of the new shifting taking place in terms of data privacy changes and the current instability in the economic world.

As explained by The Verge recently, Snapchat’s CEO really wishes to focus on a new region or maybe some new demographics so that it can take on the likes of 30 to 40-year-olds. With time, it would make the service so much more compelling for the whole user community and also prove to be great competition for the community out there.

Moreover, it’s so much harder to copy and is super resilient in terms of competition, and enhances monetization chances in the long run. Remember, for a while now, we’ve seen Snapchat focus so much more on gaining a grip on the younger audience. This way, it might be able to carve a stronger niche in terms of getting a grip on those in their 30s and 40s who really make health their priority.

With diversification comes new beginnings so we don’t see why this can’t be a successful venture in terms of fitness enthusiasts that are usually older in age. This would also tie up well with the app’s map where people can share all sorts of content in the form of videos and workouts either through Snapchat or the fitness Strava app.

To use it, users get the chance to share activity on Snap through a specific Strava profile. Another option would be to add a dedicated lens on the platform.

In this way, your most recent workout will end up appearing in an automatic manner and you can then toggle this with a few activities that can also be shared.

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