Microsoft Edge has the second place in the race for the top browser while Google Chrome remains on top

Microsoft Edge over the years has been overshadowed by the more popular Google Chrome but the former is not a bad browser. Microsoft Edge is one of the best browsers out there, and data from Statcounter proved just that. The October 2022 report did not show any huge changes compared to the previous months.

The report also brought forth the fact that Microsoft has lately been having some trouble in trying to move Edge further than a 10% market share. According to the report, Google Chrome is still the undisputed King of browsers with 66.46% of the Market share even after losing 1.12 points in October 2022. Microsoft is in second place with a share of 10.85% with a rise of 0.05 points. This has remained more or less the same for the past five months so, in conclusion, things are not looking good for both Microsoft and Microsoft Edge.

The last place of the top three has been taken by Apple’s native browser Safari. Safari has a 9.38% share and an increase of .45 points. The fourth and fifth places have been secured by Firefox and Opera respectively. The former has a market share of .05% with a loss of .22 points and the latter is in fifth place with 3.61% of the market share. However, the most surprising is the determination of the Internet explorer who even after more than 8 years of its end of support for many services still is stubborn and refuses to go away and still holds a market share of .8% in the global market. But, the bad news for this browser is that it will be disabled by Microsoft on some particular Windows 10 updates starting February 14th, 2023

However, if we look at the mobile market things are a bit different over there. Most of the users in the mobile sector are split between the renowned Google Chrome for Android users and iOS it is a safari that takes the top spot. The former boasts a huge market share of 65% even after a loss of .23, more than doubling the share of the latter which stands at 25.11% after a rise of .49%. The Third place is taken by Samsung Internet with 1.81% of the market share.

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