Phone Companies In The UK Are Struggling To Identify And Block Spoofed Calls

Leading communication regulating firm Ofcom is sharing insights on UK phone companies and how they’re currently facing a major dilemma. It’s related to a failure in both the identification as well as the blocking of spoofed phone calls.

Therefore, what is recommended is that they come forward with new rules that provide protection against such threat actors and scammers who arise with the intention of using fake telephone numbers.

On average, the report by Ofcom is shedding light on how 75% of individuals had such complaints on their devices in the past three months.

Ofcom says that with new rules in place, all telephone networks could not only identify but even block suspicious calls whenever they find it to be feasible technical-wise. It also mentioned how various phone organizations should make it a point to ensure all numbers in the UK are following a specific pattern.

At the same time, a blocking process should begin that is situated across the firm’s Do Not Originate list. Other suggestions included blocking calls that come over from abroad and playing with a UK-based caller’s ID.

Such rules are being implemented on a voluntary basis and have even gone down by nearly 65% in terms of scam complaints arising from phone customers. Those organizations that are not complying would be given a six-month period to make the changes required and these rules would start being enforced as early as next year.

However, no major details on which fines would be coming forward were outlined by Ofcom in case they’re not putting out new guidelines.

The move is set out to make it easier and safer for users while really making the ordeal a simpler process in terms of how to take more action against things like spam calls from their devices.

Did you know that Apple iPhone 13 and beyond models do have a feature for call silencing for those who are not a part of your contact list? This way, users are prevented from being interrupted. Meanwhile, Android applications for Phones do have a similar array of settings in place for enhanced protection.

So as you can see, the goals are plenty and it’s about time various phone organizations got serious and solved a problem that’s turning into a nuisance for so many smartphone users in the country.

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