Apple’s Latest iOS Update Includes An Upgrade Of The ‘Always On Display’ Feature For iPhone 14 Pro

It appears that iPhone 14 Pro users may have had their prayers answered by Apple after a long time.

A common complaint was linked to the ‘Always on Display’ feature that users had been promised on day one. The rumors had people anticipating a lot and they were certainly expecting much. But the final launch left a lot to the imagination and it’s safe to say people were not happy.

Therefore, they continued to nudge the leading iPhone-making firm to do something about it and enhance it into something worthwhile. Android devices took a more minimalist approach while Apple’s showed a mega-grandeur appeal. But Apple is keen on making things better.

Today, it announced how the latest update for developers would entail a much more worthwhile and cleaner interface approach. In case you didn’t know, the release of the iOS 16.2 beta 3 really paved the way for developers to get access to the latest types of iOS. Hence, fixing errors and making tweaks is easier than before.

With this new update for the Always on Display, users would be seeing a new option that enables them to switch off wallpapers. And if you aspire to get a more clean-cut approach, Apple is giving iPhone users the chance to eliminate icons in the display altogether for the AOD functionality.

After the launch, a lot of iPhone users had issues with how the always-on-display feature was so complex and that’s why we feel they’re going to be more than willing to accept this new change.

Then there’s another update linked to Apple Music. You can say hello to Play and Shuffle buttons that add an element of pop and hue with translucence. The buttons would be able to refract colors seen in the background and would end up adapting to more featured album art.

For now, the update is solely limited to the company’s Developer Program. But if you’d like to be a part of it, feel free to sign up with an additional fee attached. Those that don’t wish to pay can enjoy the beta as it's scheduled for a release soon. Hence, all features would arise without any additional costs.

Do remember that such an update is still in beta so you might need to be extra careful when backing up data.

H/T: 9to5mac

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