Microsoft Hires Law Firm To Investigate Its Own Company’s Practices After Bill Gates’ Affair

Leading software giant Microsoft is busy investigating its own policies after shocking sexual harassment claims have come forward in the recent past.

Think along the lines of the firm hiring a law corporation to better deal with the matter and see if the policies outlined are deemed fit. They’re also evaluating the various practices of the firm regarding conduct discrimination and even indecent acts in the office space.

The in-depth report sheds light on a huge number of recommendations that the company has put forward and would implement by early next year.

The news was confirmed through a blog post that Microsoft revealed recently and it spoke about how the firm is busy committing to setting out an annual report related to sexual harassment and even policies linked to gender discrimination. This would go into detail about how incidents were reported and what the consequences of such behavior have been over time. Moreover, Microsoft says that revising such policies is pivotal as it carries on with its investigations on the matter.

This report similarly sheds light on a number of various incidents that entail allegations regarding the company’s former CEO and billionaire Bill Gates's affair with another female worker at the corporation.

In 2020, we saw Gates leave the company’s board and also gave an exclusive interview to the WSJ that indicated how board members were now encouraging him to leave his superior position and step down as an investigation regarding his actions was taking place.

But Bill Gates did confirm in a bold tone that whatever relationship he had with her was all consensual but he failed to provide more details regarding the response given out by the company in this regard.

Additionally, the report shares some other incidents linked to harassment and discrimination at the workplace, which is Microsoft. A staggering number of complaints had been filed between 2019 and 2021, 721 to be exact.

And then we saw around 453 posts that had to do with the subject of gender discrimination that entailed the majority. Then there were even more sexual harassment cases and some gender harassment issues too.

There is even one part of the report that highlights any sort of allegations brought on by another Insider article that published a story on top executives getting away with the most indecent behavior.

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